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Everything to lose

A decades-old video of the beloved Mr. Rogers recently caused progressive paroxysms. He dared to sing a song of boys being boys and girls being girls because that’s how they were born. The outcry from the left was laughable and evil all at once.

It is possible to be so wrong about something that the outcome is the loss of everything precious. We are seeing this play out in the effort to force society to perpetrate transgenderism on minors.

Let me preface by recounting a recent conversation I had about matters of faith. An analytical conversation touching on the great proofs of the Bible via history, archeology, cross-cultural reference, and more, we talked about the miracles in my own life which I attribute to God’s intervention. I was asked how I reconcile my faith as a matter of both heart and mind.

Toward the end, the person I was conversing with said, “Well, I’m sure that means a great deal to you but I’m just not there yet.”

It was a fair response. No judgment here.

But I renewed this person’s attention by saying, “My faith leads me to live a life of honesty, faithfulness, strength, duty and loyalty. The bottom line is that if it turns out in the end that I’m wrong, then I’ve really lost nothing. But if it turns out in the end that you’re wrong, then you’ve lost everything.”

That statement applies to more than just faith, for it can be attributed to much of what we see in today’s woke culture, including the constant haranguing for gender transitions through life-altering treatments and surgeries which alter a child’s life forever.

I believe that no child is a mistake and that a child born into this world is meant to be. The biological sex of that child is not “assigned” at birth, it just “is” at birth. To say otherwise — “Oh, you poor child, you were born wrong. You are a living mistake, forever trapped in the wrong body, only made whole by medical correction” — immediately makes the child a victim for the rest of his life.

This is predatory thinking. Telling a child they are not right in ways that cannot be changed without life-altering therapy is emotional abuse, and once the therapies begin, it becomes physical abuse.

What would we think if we witnessed parents telling their child that he is an idiot and cannot do anything right? We would think them abusive.

What would we think of parents who kept their child over-medicated so that she wouldn’t be a bother? We would think them abusive.

Yet we as a nation stand by while hordes of adults foist unreasonable accusations on precious kids by telling them “they” are wrong and must have medical intervention to be right.

These are our children, minors not legally allowed to make their own medical decisions. Children are protected from statutory rape because they are deemed legally incapable of consenting to sex with an adult. Children are not allowed to enter contracts and can’t vote or join the military until 18 or drink alcohol until 21. Yet some adults are willing to tell these precious children that they were made wrong and need to be fixed.

Despite all liberal arguments to the contrary, if I’m right, and those children are allowed to wait until adulthood to make their own life-altering decisions, then they have lost nothing. But if the so-called adults making these medical transition changes are wrong, then those children have lost everything. They have literally lost their physical identity, their emotional well-being, and their natural selves, all because an adult couldn’t affirm them as they were born.

Thankfully Alabama has already passed legislation putting an end to gender transition therapies and surgeries for kids. Utah passed similar legislation in recent weeks, and Tennessee is debating it now. The fight is real and the opposition insidious.

A 2017 UCLA study indicated that there were roughly 150,000 high school age kids identifying as transgender, or roughly 0.7% nationwide. In June 2021, a research brief published by the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded the number is now closer to 10% of high school students reporting a “gender diverse identity.” The new study did not assign an actual number, but data extrapolation infers that the number of kids identifying as other than their biological sex is well over a million nationwide. That’s quite a surge in a short amount of time.

I would hazard an educated but non-scientific guess that the numbers are more reflective of an increase in adults pushing an agenda on kids with an activist’s zeal.

Millions of kids were not “born wrong.” Most Americans don’t believe that suddenly, despite ages of mankind notwithstanding, we have a new phenomenon. What we have instead is an age in which activist adults have lost the sense of propriety that used to keep their adult versions of the world from being foisted on the children of the world. The lines have blurred. Anything goes. Children can be mutilated to prove the adult’s point.

And if I’m right then those children would have lost nothing by waiting until they are the age of majority. But if those adults who perpetrate this madness on kids are wrong then those children have lost everything.

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